Australia’s most innovative Personalised Integrated Care and Wellbeing Telehealth platform enabling our seniors take control of their care records while receiving care at home, in an aged care facility or in a hospital.


Care Recipients

Rest assured that your wellbeing is being recorded and monitored.
  • Be in control of your health records
  • Prevent avoidable health problems through early intervention
  • Reduce the burden of worry on your family and carers
Family & Carers

Be involved in the care of your loved one, even from afar
  • Have peace-of-mind about their wellbeing
  • Monitor their care in real-time and remotely
  • Detect potential health issues before they arise
Service Providers

Provide personalised patient care, with increased efficiency.
  • Save time with fewer patient enquiry calls
  • Offer families the latest integrated care monitoring platform
  • Enable care managers and coordinators to monitor quality of care and reduce risk of errors
Healthcare Professionals

Access documented information about your patients.
  • Optimise the history-taking process
  • Identify trends and changes in tracked observations eg. BP BSL
  • Access other measures of wellbeing such as appetite, mood and sleep


Manage Your Grid

Care Recipients manage their care and wellbeing records and control the sharing of the records with those in the Grid.

Personalise Your Care

Service provider teams broadcast the care record with over 100 health and wellbeing determinants to The Grid.

Monitor Care Record

Family and carers in the Grid monitor the care and wellbeing of their loved ones remotely and in real time.


 Over 100 parameters related to health, lifestyle and wellbeing


Personal Care & Wellbeing

Food Intake & Dietary Requirements

Health History & Medical Observations

Lifestyle & Social Activities

Permission Based Access Management

SMS & Email Notification

Easy Connectivity Between Care Recipients & Service Providers

User Friendly Interface

Compatible with iOS, Windows, Android

All Data Hosted in Australia

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